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Data Manager Job  (Remote)

Do you have a passion for good data?  Do you enjoy analyzing spreadsheets and matching up data in systems?  Don't feel weird, we do love it too.  We love taking multiple data sources, comparing them together to identify customer journeys, purchase behavior and even just compiling great target lists.  Data for the sake of success not just for the sake of data.  If you get that - please read on!

What does the role look like?

This is where we usually start out by saying ... "Well...." .  The needs change, business by business, campaing by campaign it just is different in one day to the next.  So it is not the same rinse and repeat data, but a opportunity to explore data, human behavior and what makes them  

There are always many projects evolving and that means when we need a brain break from one project, we can turn and look at another.  Because we are all remote, there are not standard office hours.  So if you prefer to analyze when it is dark out, or during banker hours, it is your choice.  We care about getting the job done right, accurate data and in a timely matter.  

Here are some recent examples of projects that we are have or are working on:

Example 1, a Client is wanting to improve their Digital Marketing.  We suggest to them that they should target customers and website visitors in a campaign.  Since they are using our customer identification software on their website, we have a lot of information about people that have visited their site without filling out a form.  So we pulled a list from that system, and then pulled  a list from their CRM.  The two lists are deduped and normalized on a template doc so it can be imported into advertising platforms. 

Example 2, a Client has been managing thier business through 6 different systems.  They want to use a central Customer Data Management Platform moving forward.  Before they can, we need to get the data organized.  All but one of the systems that they use allows a CSV export.  The data on that system needs to be manually copied and pasted into a spreadsheet. Next, all of the sheets have to be evaluated for the fields that are shown and determine which ones to keep and report on in the new system.  Then we create a template for the client, and bring in the data that matters from the other sheets.  

Example 3, A client has 4 systems looking at 4 different aspects of business.  Marketing, Sales, Support and Inventroy.   This is a complex project because inventory needs connected to Marketing and Sales, Sales to Support and Marketing, and Sales to Support.  Then the analysis can begin!

If you are still reading this...and you are following along, then let's talk!.  If you have already lost interest or you have no ideas about how you would do any of this - then this will not be the right gig for you.  

Wondering what you have to have?  Degrees, certificates, experience?  We frankly care about skill and we can teach the rest.  What we can not teach is the passion or desire to WANT to do the work or to keep going until you get the answers.  Aside from this the only requirement is a strong understanding of Excel.  Formulas, pivot tables and knowing that Google or Chat GPT has the answer to whatever you are looking to solve.  

Wondering what the pay looks like?  That depends on what you bring to the table.  If you are strong in Excel and willing and able to learn, we offer a starting pay of $600 as a weekly salary.  If you have CRM, SQL and database experience already and can perform all of the functions on the first day of the job, then starting pay can be as much as $1,100 a week. 


We will explore your skills and get a quick assessment though our unique evaluation methods when we talk.  Interested?  Let's meet!


Just send us a note and possibly your resume.  

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